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4 Ideas to Celebrate Literacy

I use the following literacy events to celebrate Literacy Week. However, these can also be used as stand-alone literacy events throughout the year! #1. Covered Covers: A Book Hook Event The first few lines of any piece of writing are important; they set the tone and make the reader want to read on (or not)!…

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Reflect, Review, Reteach: Classroom Tips for Extended Breaks

After any extended break during the school year it is important to reflect on your rules and routines, review these with the students, and reteach where necessary. Reflect and Revamp: Is your classroom culture reflective of the 3 - 5 rules you carefully crafted at the beginning of the year?  What might you want to…

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35+ Ideas for Your Classroom Kind Kids Club

We kick off our Kind Kids Club in the classroom around Christmas and then it carries on throughout the rest of the year. This simple yet important component of my Social Emotional Learning (SEL) program cultivates happiness, builds relationships and connection, promotes compassion, empathy, perspective-taking and optimistic thinking. Wow! Our brains are wired to feel…

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File Reviews Between Teachers

To Review, or Not to Review, That is the Question.  There is always much discussion on this in the beginning of the school year. Do you do file reviews on students? Do you talk to last year’s teacher? I am not here to change your mind on this much debated topic, but I am here…

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Icebreakers in the Classroom

Looking for ideas to kick-off the year or for a little team-building in your classroom? The start of the year can set the tone for the whole year. Having a few fun ice-breakers to create a welcoming environment can help students feel comfortable in their new class. Here's a few of my favourites! 3-2-1 (throw!)…

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3 Steps to a Better Buddy Reading Program

When creating a Buddy Reading program in your primary classroom, there are a few key steps you can take to ensure it is a success. 1. Build a sense of urgency and clearly teach expected behaviours  If children know what they are doing is important they will take it seriously. This can be such a…

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Creating Joy In Your Reading Program

In my classroom, we spend a lot of time uncovering all the wonders and magic that comes with books and reading.  A quote I love from Frank Serafini sums up my beliefs about student reading, "There is no such thing as a child who hates to read; there are only children who have not found…

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3 Mistakes to Avoid When Setting up Your Primary Literacy Program

3 Mistakes to Avoid in Your Primary Literacy Program

1. Avoid focusing on book levels. Focusing on book levels promotes fake reading. This is not joyful reading, nor is it helping students improve their reading. They are focused on what others may be thinking and not at all about enjoying the book in front of them. Teach children how to determine what good fit…

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7 Tips I Wish I Knew for Setting Up Your Classroom

I wanted to share 7 simple tips that I wish I knew when I was setting up my first classroom. Tip 1: Use dollar store coloured plastic table cloths to cover bulletin boards. This quick inexpensive fix to creates a tidy uniform look and it doesn’t fade like paper (and it lasts so much longer!)…

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