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Reflect, Review, Reteach: Classroom Tips for Extended Breaks

After any extended break during the school year it is important to reflect on your rules and routines, review these with the students, and reteach where necessary.

Reflect and Revamp:

  • Is your classroom culture reflective of the 3 - 5 rules you carefully crafted at the beginning of the year? 
  • What might you want to tweak?
  • Is your classroom running itself the way you hoped with the routines you established in the first term? 
  • What routines are really working? What routines may need to be adjusted?
  • Does your classroom layout flow the way you had hoped? 
  • Are the walls and displays still an extension of the learning occurring in your room?
  • Is it feeling too cluttered? Do the children notice and use what is on the wall?


It is always good to refresh and review expectations and systems. New students may have arrived. Some bad habits may have formed. You may want to make some changes.

Explicitly review your classroom rules and routines with students after an extended break.


Putting in the time now to clearly reteach areas you feel need to be addressed will set you up for so much more teaching time down the road!

So remember that when you and your students come back from an extended break refreshed, be sure to reflect, review and reteach rules and routines and set yourself and your students up for a joyful term of learning!