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Creating Rules for a Joyful Classroom

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Inside this free guide + checklist, you'll discover...

  • Why you need classroom rules
  • What should be included in your classroom rules with some sample ideas to get you started
  • The importance of setting up classroom rules before introducing them to the students
  • How to positively support¬†children in following the rules.¬†

If we haven't met yet, 'Hello! I'm Stacey.'

What I've discovered over the years is that setting up a positive classroom culture takes a lot of professional training, thought, planning, reflection and love.

It all starts with positive rules, then continues with positive routines, growth mindset norms and mindfulness practices.

I would love to share what I've learned so you can experience the Joyful Classroom experience and this free checklist is the first step!

Ready to start creating rules to support a joyful learning experience?

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