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Creating Joy In Your Reading Program

In my classroom, we spend a lot of time uncovering all the wonders and magic that comes with books and reading.  A quote I love from Frank Serafini sums up my beliefs about student reading,

"There is no such thing as a child who hates to read; there are only children who have not found the right book.”

I’d like to invite you to consider looking at reading as the vehicle to get to where we want to go rather than thinking of reading as simply reading for the sake of building our reading skills. 

Joyful reading does not necessarily equate to cute, playful or fun, although it often is great fun.

Joyful reading means engaged in reading that matters to you, that sets you forth to life long learning, that fills you with inspiration and energy and can be so engaging you forget you are actually working!

Having a book rich classroom helps create joyful reading.

Thrift stores and family donations are inexpensive/free ways to get your classroom library started. Setting up your classroom library is a whole other lesson in itself. If you don’t have a large classroom library, don’t worry, ask your school librarian to let your students take out extra books for classroom use only. 

Variety is key.

“Books have levels, readers don’t.”


When planning out your literacy program, ensure you incorporate lessons on how to bring joy to reading.

One of the tools I use in my joyful reading program is "feel good books." I have some sticky notes near the clasroom library and I encourage students to share a note about what they loved about the book as a gift to the next reader.

The students love it. Both the one leaving the note and the other one receiving it.

To joyful lifelong readers,

If you are interested in learning more strategies to bring joy into your classroom reading program, check out the Joyful Reading literacy package here.