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4 Ideas to Celebrate Literacy

I use the following literacy events to celebrate Literacy Week. However, these can also be used as stand-alone literacy events throughout the year!

#1. Covered Covers: A Book Hook Event

The first few lines of any piece of writing are important; they set the tone
and make the reader want to read on (or not)! Do I still have you?

The more students understand the importance of a strong hook in literature, the better able they are to to see the importance of it in their own writing.

During this event, book covers are hidden, the 'hooks' are pasted on the front cover, and children have a chance to discover what's inside based on the hook that grabbed them!

To set the scenes, I bring in a fishing rod and some 'water' on the tables.

#2. Fort-Building Fun!

In this activity, we explore the importance of procedural text while building forts in the classroom. The kids LOVE this activity (and they quickly realize the importance of not missing any key steps when writing procedural text!)

The following day, we spend time reading inside our forts with flashlights (and also tend to make this a PJ day for some added fun!)

#3. Poem in my Pocket

At home, students have the opportunity to write their own poem. On this day, they each tuck it safely into their pocket until the time comes to share with their classmates.

I have a Poetry Reference Book (that's included in my literacy events package) that outlines a number of different poem styles that I have set up in my classroom a week in advance. Students have a chance to flip through the guide to get some ideas of the types of poems they want to write.

#4. Book Character Dress-Up

There are 2 different options I will use for this particular event.

Option 1: Have students write a persuasive pitch about why their character and book is the best and have them do oral presentations in role.

Option 2: A simpler and more playful opportunity is to have students spend part of the day “in role” as their character.

Great laughs will be had!

If you want to get your own literacy events up and running with minimal prep, you might enjoy my "Ways to Celebrate Literacy" package, which includes:

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